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Anna in Alaska and team are proud to be supported by generous sponsors who help provide excellent care for our dogs and make our Iditarod dream a reality!  Your donations help us purchase high quality food and essential equipment, train our dogs for success, and travel to races throughout Alaska. We couldn't do it without you. Thank you to all who have contributed to our success so far! 


You can support our team with a one-time or recurring gift.


Send support through Venmo @anna-in-alaska or via Paypal @annasinalaska


Scroll down to see more ways that you can help get the team to the Iditarod in 2024!

Sponsor a Dog

Lead Dog: $300

Team Dog: $300

Wheel Dog: $300


You can also sponsor a specific dog by sending us a message here. We will send you monthly updates on whichever dog you decide to sponsor! 


Buy Booties

We use over 5,000 booties each race season. Every time the team heads out on a run, booties are crucial for foot protection to keep the dogs running hundreds of miles. 

  • 1,000 dog booties for $1,400

  • 500 dog booties for $700

  • 250 dog booties for $350

  • 100 dog booties for $140

  • 50 dog booties for $70

  • 25 dog booties for $35


Amazon Wish List

There are all sorts of things that make this team go.
Follow the link to make a contribution to the team.

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